Orlando, Florida, Brampton Engineering convened with existing and prospective customers at the International Plastics Showcase (NPE2018), held from May 7 to 11. Brampton Engineering has proudly displayed the Vector® Single Inlet Air Ring and SCD® 4.0 Die Technology Display, which featured an exclusive inside look at our Die technology. BE also featured stations for each of their technologies including FlexWIN® winder Family and ITALYCS® Hub process monitoring Technology. 



Ahead of the NPE 2018 show, Brampton Engineering announced that SCD® 4.0 will now be available for retrofit on existing lines regardless of age, model and manufacturer it also announced the launch of the new Vector® S- a new design in the Vector® air ring product line. "Our staff connected with existing and prospective clients and succesfully communicated these initiatives and have come back with real tangible opportunities" shared Brampton Engineering's Executive Officer Gary Hughes. 

About Vector® S

Vector® S offers an auto gauge option utilizing segmented air. Vector® S offers the best starting gauge in the industry by reducing starting gauge by up to 80% when compared to conventional air rings. Vector® S also has the highest resolution in the industry because it has 180 digital control points adjacent to the lip vs. the 60-80 controls in the traditional conventional air rings. Vector® S is also smart! It offers a digital setup memory and automated monitoring for repeatable quality.

About SCD® 4.0

At the heart of every Brampton Engineering Multi-layer blown film line is our ground breaking SCD® 4.0 Die technology. With a direct path from the extruders and streamlined melt channels, BE achieves the shortest Melt Residence time and lowest wetted surface area in the industry. Every SCD® module in a multi-layer die shares this outstanding advantage, unlike cylindrical die technology which increases melt volume and wetted surface geometrically with every additional layer. “The market demands more layers and SCD® 4.0 is the only co-extrusion die that enables producers to process each polymer in a multilayer barrier film structure at it’s ideal temperature, opening ourselves to retrofit projects will provide our existing installed base and also new clients with other technologies the ability to capture new market opportunities and fulfill the market’s demand for complex film without the need to secure capital to buy a complete new line,” explained Brampton’s Chief Executive Gary Hughes. With this initiative Brampton hopes to expose more clients to its world leading Die Technology especially in areas of the world where capital investments are not available to fulfill the markets demands for higher quality Film.

Brampton Engineering technology is available as full AeroFrost or AquaFrost film lines, or as components to retrofit any existing lines for increased output and improved product quality.


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