Better Film


As the demands on convenience in packaging increase, our customers need the best technology available for multi-layer, versatile, high-performance film to beat the competition—packaging that protects the integrity of its contents, extends shelf life, protects the safety of the consumer, and meets strict regulatory and legal requirements.

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To focus on your bottom line, you must be able to depend on the many complex components of your film production. Years of experience and focus on multi-layer extrusion has been captured in our BE system design.

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From large shipping sacks to easy-to-peel packaging, stand-up pouches and lidding stock, you create value by the variety of film formulations you offer. Our design centres on flexibility so your system can do it all—without additional capital expense—and shorter runs drive you towards your lean manufacturing goals with reduced waste.

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The look of your products can be the overriding influencer for the consumer—and a winner in the fight for shelf space. Aesthetics showcase your clients’ products and drives profitability. Combine form and functionality with the best in multi-layer capabilities.

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Regulations and Certificates

Allow us to charter the regulatory waters, with proactive compliance to all FDA requirements, and materials and manufacturing equipment that meets and exceeds safety requirements for the medical and food industries.

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Better Process. Better Film.