Designing your Flexible Packaging Dreams

The water quenching process in our AquaFrost® technology water quenched and rapid-cooling result in the film's high puncture resistance, high thermoformability and high clarity and gloss—pushing the boundaries for medical and food applications.

As leaders in this new, faster-cooling technology, we know our customers compete with cast barrier films in the marketplace and need films that retained the intrinsic advantages of blown film, like bi-directional orientation, but also possess the optical properties and thermoformability of cast film.

AquaFrost® technology combines the best of both blown film and cast film, delivering clarity and gloss, reduced curl and amorphous quality. The water quenching affects the film's morphology, reducing the time for crystal growth, and the haze and cloudiness in the film's clarity—the less crystal, the less haze.
Our dedication to finding tomorrow's solution is embedded in our DNA. Come find out how we can design your next dream.