Roll to roll consistency is critical to downstream operational productivity, waste and quality.

The backbone of success in flexible packaging is consistency, and the key to film consistency is melt consistency. You told us your packaging needs greater puncture resistance, clarity and gloss to be competitive on the shelf along with reliable thermoforming, and softness. We work to meet your productivity, waste and quality goals with systems that ensure exact film quality and properties. With automated controls of the multitude of complex variables, pioneering SCD® technology, and FlexWIN® family of winders, our industry-leading expertise allows you to focus on your expanding opportunities. To navigate the vast array of resin grades and suppliers, you need a partner with the expertise to select the right choice. We have the experience in selecting the right screw for the right film structure—for example, we have a library of more than 150 designs for the 2.5 inch screw diameter alone. We know your end users expect the film properties and qualities to be the same within the entire finished product—a large degree of variation such as gauge and layer percentages is unacceptable. BE's combination of line yield controls, unique, streamlined die technology and gauge control systems is the source of this consistency—with our unmatched proprietary die designs, you are guaranteed unmatched provider of quality systems.