Consumer convenience is in the film

Flexibility means creating more value for your clients without added capital investments. The more layers processed, the more opportunities afforded. Equipment is static, but products and film formulations are constantly changing to adapt to the market. Equipment flexibility is vital to be able to process these changes in formulations.

We are constantly innovating to enable differentiation, blending of vast variety of resins and additives to create specific and unique film structures—innovations that lead to greater product integrity with less barrier resin, extended shelf life, and elimination of laminating.

Our lines can produce flexible packaging from three to 11 layers using the best in multi-layer blown film, water quenched lines, innovative die systems, and I-Flex® Auto Gauge Technology—designed to offer the highest resolution of any gauge control system available for both air cooled and water quenched blown film. In addition, our die technology has a larger, more flexible, operational window by design to enable processing of a variety of film structures with reduced purge time.