A thriving market ripe with opportunities

Our blown film applications produce the highest quality films with properties to meet the demanding requirements of the high-value food packaging industry. As the safeguard of your products’ quality and freshness, as well as your brand, our extensive experience in multi-layer film takes you to the leading edge of food packaging applications. For films to the exact specifications you require for sterilization, peelability, breathability, gloss, strength, barrier, and more, our industry-envied SCD® die technology and AquaFrost® water quenched systems create the best film for food integrity—and your peace of mind.

Our extensive experience in multi-layer film has prepared us for a variety of food applications, including:

  • Processed Meat (single type & blends)
  • Fresh Red Meat (beef & pork)
  • Poultry (chicken, turkey, & duck)
  • Cheese (fresh, aged, & processed)
  • Seafood (fin-fish & shell-fish)

Our die technology allows our customers in the food industry to make the highest quality film for food packaging requirements, such as:

  • Visual appeal
  • Product presentation
  • Graphics
  • Extended shelf life
  • Toughness
  • Freezer storage
  • Easy open
  • Reliable seals to hold vacuum or gas
  • Reliable seals for low leaking rates
  • Stress retention
  • Thermoformability
  • Grease resistance


Meat and Cheese

With the very best resins and additives for our 5-,7-,9- and 11-layer blown film extrusion lines, BE capabilities in barrier food packaging specializing in meats and cheese are founded in the technical expertise of our Rheologists, engineers, and state-of-the-art technologies. Our customers meet and exceed food packaging standards in safety and quality while meeting high volume demands with quick turnarounds.

Frozen Food

Our Rheologists use the very best in resin technology to create film strong enough to perform in a variety of temperatures and humidity levels for optimum frozen food product integrity. Add to our resins the best in BE technology and engineering, and you get film that withstands freezer temperature, provides barrier properties for water, light, and gas, and delivers freezer-to-table convenience.


With our AquaFrost® and AeroFrost® technologies, there is no dimension in film thickness, clarity, gloss or oxygen transmission rates we cannot create to best present your bakery products.

Cookie, Cracker and Cereal

Blown film applications to keep dry foods fresh, crisp, and flavourful ensure consumers trust your customers' products. Our Rheologists work with you to create tailored multi-layer film applications to meet your dry food packaging requirements, including superior moisture barrier, sealing, and puncture resistance.


Our technology enhances the performance of high barrier lidding with a focus on cost efficiency, performance and sustainability. BE's multi-layer high-barrier lidding film provides superior packaging capabilities in peelability, flexibility, heat resistance and high tear resistance with the very best in resin and blown film technology.

Stand-up pouch

Stand-up pouches combine the best in BE engineering with barrier properties, sealable and durability capabilities. For consistency of lamination, superior roll geometry, blend formulation and converting properties, BE's monolayer and multi-layer coextrusion innovation creates limitless possibilities for this exciting segment of flexible packaging.