Better Process

Rapid Changeover

The adage applies: time is money. You can’t afford to spend undue time on changeover between SKUs or an undiversified product mix. BE’s commitment to its customers means we make rapid changeover and flexibility a priority at each stage of our system.

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Reduced Waste

The highest standards for near zero-waste lines: the lowest wasted material, lowest wasted labour, lowest wasted space, lowest wasted time for no wasted opportunity.

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Changing SKUs

BE has streamlined our systems so that every customer comes first—even when you’ve got multiple orders. Our technology reduces the need for timely cleaning between SKUs, enabling faster order fill time, while reducing inventory costs.

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Higher Output

Superior cooling technology and high efficiency AirRing, die design, lower melt temperatures through all the layers combine to give you higher output and quicker turnaround to meet the vigorous demands of the flexible packaging market.

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Just-In-Time Delivery

Better your turnaround, your SKU changeovers, your output, and your reputation. With the world leader in Just-in-Time Delivery, every customer is your highest priority.

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