Why Vector®? Because it’s all about air flow direction and magnitude

Just as the SCD® is designed to respect the flow of polymer, the single-inlet Vector® Air Ring has been designed to ensure streamlined flow and dramatically reduce pressure losses and temperature rise, resulting in more efficient use of chilled air – achieving higher output on your blown film line. Deep hands-on understanding of blown film technology has been combined with advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics to develop this truly ground-breaking technology.

Single inlet and optimized design

Rather than split up the flow of air from the chiller using a manifold to distribute it around the entry, Vector® has a composite volute precisely contoured to achieve uniform airflow velocity around the film bubble – without excess energy – wasting pressure losses, or an untidy mess of hoses. Infrared imaging proves that the film cools as fast and with better uniformity at much lower blower speeds, making significant output improvements possible.

The new Vector® lip design – digital, repeatable, reliable

The air ring lip needs to control how the chilled air flow impacts on the film bubble, to allow process technicians to secure stable “bubble lock” with a wide range of films. The new Vector® dual lip provides automated control of lip positions without affecting flowrate, making it easier to set up and optimize, with a wider operating window. All operating parameters including lip positions are precisely set with ITALYCS® or a stand-alone control system, making the ideal setup for each product fully repeatable.

  • Higher output, less energy cost
  • Fast repeatable changeover, less material waste
  • Less maintenance, lower cost
  • Uniform airflow, lowering gauge variation