Engineered to your specific array and range of film structures, reduced purge time, and lower maintenance. SCD® technology gives you access to flexible technology by taking the guess work out of production. The innovative "O" cross section between the distribution channels and spirals allows for rapid purge times, maintenance, and changeovers—prioritizing your film's flatness in the way in which it distributes the polymer melt.Our unique scalable and versatile design offers temperature isolation, down gauging within layers, and reduced capital costs—and ensures a smooth upgrade from seven to 11 layers.

We believe we offer the best die in the market, designed to prevent premature degradation of thermally sensitive materials better than any other die technology. Our dies are also much easier to clean, translating to reduced maintenance costs for you.

Add to that:

  • Faster purging time
  • Quicker changeovers
  • Minimize resin waste
  • Easier maintenance

and you have a significant competitive edge that will surpass anything else in the industry.


Compact Design, Reduced Resistance

With all the advantages of the SCD® COEX Dies with half the die profile, the FlexSTACK SCD® die marries the ultimate in processing flexibility with compact design. The smaller FlexSTACK® Die offers a 50 per cent smaller die profile—requiring less warehouse and storage space—thus reducing the Residence Time Distribution (RTD), the variable that determines purging times, degradation, gel formation and carbon buildup.

With the most compact barrier film coextrusion die on the market, achieve reduced resistance and the ultimate in processing flexibility for rapid changeover and purge times.

ISOtherm™ SCD®

Our ISOtherm SCD® is designed with ease of operation, longer production runs, and faster changeover times in mind. The die's superior temperature isolation, ultra-streamlined passages and polymer distribution melt ensure your materials process at their specific ideal temperature by either adding or removing heat as required due to heat transfer between modules.

Our ISOtherm SCD® offers:

  • Improved yields of temperature-sensitve materials
  • Minimized degradation
  • Longer production runs
  • Coextrusion of a wider range of materials including PVDC, rubberized polymers, PVC, engineering plastics, and cross linkable polymers
  • Shorter production runs
  • Faster flushing times

I-Flex® Auto Gauge

Precision Gauge Control

Minimal gauge variation. The flattest film. The I-Flex® Gauge Control System—designed for both air-cooled and water quenched blown film—delivers the best gauge control for the best film.

For the best in blown film quality, the I-Flex® Auto Gauge system ensures optimum production value with minimal gauge variation and the flattest film. The I-Flex® Auto Gauge family includes the I-Flex® Auto Gauge Air Ring—which uses a non-contact capacitive sensor or beta gauge technology for continuous measuring of the gauge—the I-Flex® Flexible Lip, and I-Flex® Heated Lip, so your production has the best technology for its specific requirements, every time.