Usability and Functionality at the Push of a Button

Usability and functionality meet in the latest version of our line control system, ITALYCS®-5. Tensions, speeds, recipes, lay-on force, and more, are tailored to the exact specifications of your clients' needs. The PC-based, intuitive touchscreen application is fully configurable to support simple group-based or detailed individual login and permissions, delivering customizable quality control and line performance reports right into your hands.

For control of simple mono-layer lines, complicated 11-layer lines, and everything in between, ITALYCS®-5 will allow you to monitor all your vital process values, such as:

  • Extruder Speed and Motor Load
  • Extruder and Auger Specific Output
  • Barrel and Melt Pressure
  • Melt Temperature
  • All Temperature Zones
  • Extruder and Auger Throughput
  • Layer and Total Film Gauge
  • Line Speed and Layflat
  • Many other values



I-CHANGE feature built into ITALYCS®-5 allows you to change from one film format to another automatically.
Layflat, thickness, collapsing frame and side stabilizer position, line output and layer ratio are all possible variables to change. The I-CHANGE automatic recipe position change is accomplished within three to five minutes, depending on the degree of change required.

The automatic saves time and materials by simplifying the change over from one film format to another.  Simply select the desired format recipe and I-CHANGE will automatically adjust:

  • the bubble cage diameter to match the requested layflat
  • the nip speed to match the requested thickness
  • the extruder speeds to match the requested output and layer ratio
  • the collapsing frame angle
  • the side stabilizers position