The choice is clear

Our AquaFrost® technology has changed the flexible packaging industry—and reduced our partners' capital investment requirements. For Return on Investment opportunities, our AquaFrost® line set industry standards.

In addition to 50 per cent less floor space requirements, our AquaFrost® line provides an additional 10 to 18 per cent annual return when compared to a cast line.

Your packaging needs high gloss and clarity, greater puncture resistance, softness, and interlayer thickness uniformity. With the clearest, strongest, softest and best thermoformable films available, our unique AquaFrost® five- to 11-layer blown film systems lead the industry for lowest industry wasted material, labour, space and energy—so you can focus on capturing new markets, enhance your profitability, and sharpen your competitive edge.

Best suited for a wide range of applications, our AquaFrost® film will transcend your customers' expectations in every category, including:

  • Maximum clarity and gloss
  • Consistent interlayer thickness uniformity
  • Good total thickness uniformity
  • Improved physical properties
  • Improved economics
  • Improved and reliable thermoformability
  • Enhanced softness and suppleness
  • Less waste, less trim
  • Higher output rates