FlexWIN® Winder

The first winder capable of center winding with surface assist.

Defect-free wounds rolls are delivered by controlling the two primary winding variables—tension and lay-on force. Our FlexWIN® family of winders have central, surface, and gap capabilities, low inertia linear lay-on roll, and tension control—essential for any flexible packaging film application—with less waste, and increased revenue.

Whether your film is thick or thin, slippery or tacky, rigid or extensible, the FlexWIN® capabilities guarantee a perfectly round roll.

The FlexWIN® winder's bi-directional gap winder is the heart of this innovative winder technology. Because it features tapeless transfer with zero fold-over, it leaves zero waste. Its gearless direct drive servo motors drive its spindles with precise torque control and energy savings, and enviable precision and range of tension control and lay-on pressure.

Focus on the fundamentals of winding and web handling to ensure maximum winder productivity, product flexibility, and operator safety, with the tools you need to meet the challenges you face in winding top-quality rolls of co-extrusion film.

Benefits of our Blown Film Winders

  • Enhanced winding flexibility for all types of films
  • Capacity to wind films with the lowest required tensions
  • Ability to isolate the winding tension from upstream web tension
  • Improved precision and range of tension control
  • Improved precision and range of lay-on pressure