Why BE

Innovation: it's in the film

We believe in the importance of further improving customer yield by developing better technologies that are directly applicable.

BE was founded on the spirit of engineering innovation, and continues to lead the pack in new opportunities in flexible packaging. From die technology, water quenched technology, 11-layer film, and more, flexible packaging in end-use sectors, including food and beverage, medical, personal care, health and beauty, and agriculture. Our packaging solutions offer unparalleled product packaging advantages for manufacturers and consumers alike. 

With BE 's patented cutting edge technology and commitment to innovative solutions, customers can produce a full range of high-performance blown films—allowing them to capture new markets, enhance profitability, and sharpen their competitive edge.

How Our Innovations Work

Expertise: it's in the film

In demand. Indispensable.

Our highly-trained staff solve problems before you have them. From Rheologist, engineers, and mechanics, your BE system comes with a team of on-call experts ready to answer all your questions.

All of our partners get the full benefit of our experience processing their types of films.

Learn how our ability to problem solve and provide solutions in real-time can help your business.

Expertise in Action

History: It's in the film

Proud of our history, defined by your future

BE is proud of our legacy as visionaries, and use this spirit as the compass guiding our future.

Led by Bill Wybenga, who was instrumental in developing and marketing the patented SCD® (Streamline Co-extrusion Die) system for multi-layer film structures, BE has grown into a global leader in the development of multi-layer blown film coextrusion equipment.

Until 1989, 5-layer blown film coextrusion made using dies with cylindrical concentric mandrels was the height of the technology. Some 7-layer dies were produced using the same design criteria, but the technology for producing high quality barrier structures still eluded them.

BE met the challenge, setting out to produce a 7-layer die for the blown film market. The SCD®, an innovation that established the new 7-layer blown film market catapulted BE internationally as the leading innovator of barrier film coextrusion technology.

With the success of the SCD®, BE revolutionized the industry by designing customized lines for even more layers. By designing a solution to a market limitation, BE became the first company to deliver complete 8, 9, 10, and recently, 11-layer blown film systems.

BE has since delivered on many "firsts" in the industry. We are the first company to deliver complete 8, 9, 10, and 11-layer blown film systems. The first with water-quenched blown film coextrusion technology. The first and only with the patented SCD® (Streamlined Coextrusion Die). BE innovations continue to build efficiencies into the process—giving our customers the competitive edge in an increasingly competitive packaging market.

Technology and Flex Packaging Examples
Better Process. Better Film.