BE unveils new Technology At K-Show 201

Düsseldorf, Germany – Brampton Engineering has proudly unveiled the new Vector® Single Inlet Air Ring, SCD® 4.0 Die Technology, FlexWIN® winder Family and ITALYCS® Hub process monitoring Technology at K 2016.

Düsseldorf, Germany – Brampton Engineering has proudly unveiled the new Vector® Single Inlet Air Ring, SCD® 4.0 Die Technology, FlexWIN® winder Family and ITALYCS® Hub process monitoring Technology at K 2016.

Vector® Air Ring – The Future of Air Rings

The New Vector Single Inlet Air Ring offers better blown film cooling with lower pressure losses, and repeatable recipe-driven setups. Deep process knowledge combined with state-of-the-art CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) have resulted in an integrated new design that streamlines flow of chilled air and delivers exceptionally uniform cooling around the bubble. The new Vector’s dual lip design not only continues the optimized streamlined flow path but also enables operators to achieve “bubble lock” independent of flow rate. This breakthrough offers more cooling capacity to achieve higher output, a wider operating window, and the ability to save the process setup and recall it precisely from memory – for reliable repeatable start-ups and better quality film.


SCD ® 4.0 – the first and still the most flexible stacked co-extrusion die

As more blown film die manufacturers realize the benefits of a flat pancake die without a distribution block, BE reveals SCD 4.0 at K 2016 – literally taking you inside to see the technological advances developed over decades of perfecting this co-extrusion die concept. SCD 4.0 is still the only co-extrusion die that enables producers to process each polymer in a multilayer barrier film structure at its ideal temperature.


Four different options allow temperature differences between adjacent layers ranging from 15° to 90°C, minimizing degradation. As a direct result, SCD 4.0 means better quality film, faster job changeovers, less purge scrap and die cleaning. SCD 4.0 is available for both AeroFrost blown film, and AquaFrost water-quenched film lines.


FlexWIN® Enhanced Winding Flexibility

To make top-quality finished rolls with films that vary in thickness, stiffness, and elasticity requires precise control of tension and contact pressure.  BE offers the most versatile line of winders for blown and cast film on the market, including Surface (FlexWIN® S) Single Turret (FlexWIN® T), Double Turret (FlexWIN® DT), and Cantilever Winders (FlexWIN® C)  for contact, gap, or center assist winding. The fully automated Zip Knife uses static pinning to achieve tapeless transfer and zero foldover for perfect 100% useable rolls.


ITALYCS® Hub – Remote Process Reporting

BE is introducing ITALYCS Hub at K 2016, for central and remote process reporting from multiple ITALYCS integrated process control systems as well as other factory management systems. The OEE dashboard gives an overview of all lines at a glance, with the ability to drill down into business-critical operational metrics instantly.  ITALYCS Hub enables breakthroughs in JIT order fulfillment, reductions in scrap and downtime, and faster responses to operational issues.

Understanding how technological features translate to the bottom line is the focus of the OEE Experience at BE’S booth. Sales professionals demonstrate how BE calculation tools can help customers to determine the expected ROI for a blown film line with SCD 4.0 versus competitive technologies.


Gary Hughes, CEO of Brampton Engineering, stated: “As a leading provider of multi-layer film technology systems for over 40 years, it was important that we emphasized our commitment to innovation during our participation at K-Show. I am confident that the release of Vector, SCD 4.0, FlexWIN and Italycs Hub will revolutionize the blown film industry. The overwhelming positive customer response to the release of our new technology is very rewarding and a testament to the skills and hard work of our talented BE team.”

Brampton Engineering technology is available as full AeroFrost or AquaFrost film lines, or as components to retrofit any existing lines for increased output and improved product quality.


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